Zood Location available for Android

Today we're publicly releasing Zood Location for Android. This has been the culmination of several years of (part-time) work in the hopes of releasing something easy enough for family members to use, while remaining secure.

Screenshot of Zood Location on Android
Zood Location on Android

The desire for such an app began years ago after the shutterring of Google Latitude. While Latitude did not use end-to-end encryption to preserve the privacy of your location, the service was quite useful, and there are worse stewards of your data than Google. Other location sharing services popped up and some still exist today, but none of them have the ease of use of the old Google Latitude, and none have any meaningful guarantees around protecting your privacy.

With no satisfactory options, work slowly began on Zood Location; the server, the Android client, the web interface for timed shares, the iOS app (undergoing an overhaul) and this website. Try out the Android app today and let us know what you think.

Privacy Policy

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